Transport Management System

Rafai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers comprehensive Logistics Management Software designed to streamline your operations and enhance financial management. Here's a brief description and key features of each service provided:


  • Request (PRQ) Management: Efficiently manage and track purchase requests from initiation to fulfillment, ensuring timely procurement.
  • Sales Order Management: Seamlessly handle sales orders, from order creation to delivery, optimizing order processing.
  • Dispatch Management: Organize and monitor dispatch activities, ensuring accurate and on-time deliveries.
  • Route Planning: Optimize delivery routes to minimize transit times and reduce costs while enhancing delivery efficiency.
  • Vendor/Customer Contracts: Easily create, manage, and track contracts with vendors and customers, ensuring compliance and transparency.
  • POD Management: Digitize proof of delivery processes, allowing for real-time confirmation and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Customer/Vendor Billing: Generate invoices for customers and vendors with precision, simplifying billing and payment processes.
  • Advance Receipts: Record and manage advance payments, ensuring accurate accounting and tracking of prepayments.
  • Customer Collections: Streamline collections from customers, tracking outstanding payments and improving cash flow.
  • Vendor Payment: Facilitate timely vendor payments while managing payables efficiently.
  • Real-Time Cash & Bank: Monitor cash flow and bank transactions in real-time, providing financial visibility and control.
  • Adjustments: Handle financial adjustments seamlessly, ensuring accurate accounting and reconciliation.

Rafai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. empowers businesses in the logistics industry to optimize their operations and financial processes with our comprehensive software suite, enhancing efficiency and profitability.