Common Problems faced by transporters

  • Online/offline system conflict (In case of online system the required infrastructure is unavailable while in case of offline system the access to required data gets limited)

  • Frequent customizations which are complicated and implementing the same may result in malfunctioning of the existing system

  • Manpower dependency in handling the technical part of the system

  • Vendor and implementation costs are much higher than expected

  • Violation of systemic protocols set by vendorsand transportersresulting in chaos

  • Software for transport companygradually becomes slow and redundant

  • Transport software vendor usually has inadequate domain knowledge which in turn impacts his understanding about transporters software requirements

  • Technical barriers while upgrading the transport management software to higher versions

  • Uncertainty in identifying the exact cause of problem (Related to logistics management software/system/logic/hardware/etc...)

  • Dependency on vendor to upgrade the system in terms of customization / reports etc.

  • Higher infrastructure cost for system maintenance

  • Leakage in Revenue

  • No time for data analysis leading to inappropriate decision making

To overcome the above-mentioned situations we have developed a comprehensive product suite and entitled it as Web-Trans. It includes various solutions for Transport and Logistic Companies and is designed using advanced technologies and our own framework. Own framework allows us to customize with ease and remain bug free. The database designing and handling takes care of the performance and stability issues and the flexibility of programming and technology allow us to customize the product and meet customer’s requirements in a much easier and accurate manner.

Web Trans - Web based ERP transport software

Web Trans is Web based ERP transport software exclusively developed for Transport & Logistics Industry. It includes various modules as described below. The software is designed under the guidance of senior and eminent industry professionals and owns a unique flavour which stems from our experience in building software for transport companies.

Web Trans Modules

Forthcoming Modules


Web Trans Features

Unique software for transport companies with a sweeping range of features to fulfil diverse client needs

  • Framework based product

  • Workflow system

  • Case management system

  • Universal sales & purchase masters

  • Auto Incentive calculation based on employeesresponsibility &actual performance

  • Auto management of short & excess goods deliveries

  • Integration of all India pin code for party address management

  • Multiple company & department management

  • Online costing

  • Auto route concept (Integrated with Google maps)

  • Can be easily integrated with any GPRS tracking devices

  • Open for integration with any SAP system

  • Dynamic software fields which can be easily created subject to appropriate rights

  • Auto Posting and Manual Posting in Accounts is user configurable

  • Charge master concept

  • Auto mailing & SMS enabled

  • Mobile apps for booking & delivery

  • Document scanning and tracking

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