Fleet Management System (FMS)

Fleet Management System (FMS) takes care of Fleets. Fleet maintenance, repairs, JOB cardcreations and expenses were managed.Material purchase and stocks were maintained. Vehicle documents and its expiry alerts of Vehicle can be auto configured. Trip entry and Vehicle profitability is taken from the system.


  • Fuel Management: Monitor and optimize fuel consumption, track fuel expenses, and ensure efficient fuel management across your fleet.
  • Trip Management: Plan, manage, and track trips, optimizing routes and schedules for cost-effective and timely deliveries.
  • Driver Management: Maintain driver profiles, monitor performance, and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Vehicle Management: Manage vehicle details, track usage, and ensure optimal allocation of vehicles for different tasks.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management: Schedule and track vehicle maintenance, repairs, and servicing to minimize downtime and extend vehicle lifespan.
  • Tyre Management: Monitor tire usage, track tire expenses, and schedule tire maintenance to enhance safety and reduce costs.


  • Driver Advance Management: Handle driver advances, track disbursements, and manage driver finances efficiently.
  • En-route Expense: Capture and manage expenses incurred during trips, ensuring accurate cost accounting.
  • Fuel Expense: Track fuel expenses, analyze consumption patterns, and optimize fuel-related costs.
  • Driver Settlement: Streamline driver settlements, calculate payments, and manage driver payroll effectively.
  • Fixed and Variable Expenses: Monitor and manage both fixed and variable expenses associated with fleet operations for better cost control.

Rafai Technologies Pvt. Ltd.'s Fleet Management System empowers businesses in the transportation industry to optimize their fleet operations and financial processes. With our user-friendly software, you can enhance the performance and profitability of your fleet while ensuring compliance and safety.