ERP for Logistics

Logistics is an Extremely Aggressive Business where altering marketplace requirements and conditions of clients press rather than before. Logistics companies can flourish only on real-time compact information and procedures. With Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) you will feel an enormous difference. Once ERP software for Logistics is executed, your delivery becomes optimized and provides procedures, effectively apply your organization resources, and avoid issues with unavailability of automobile infrastructure.

Logistics industry incorporates the whole needs of logistics solutions into a smart package of options that enhances flexibility, optimizes your company processes to boost operational efficiency at lower prices.

Logistics ERP attributes from Rafai Computers

Having over years of experience in the current market and vast expertise in the logistic applications development, Rafai Computers is well-positioned to fix important issues of logistics firms: added infrastructure investments and increasing operating expenses. ERP out of Rafai Computers can make the most of the Present assets because of the following attributes:

  • Delivery administration: This module will permit you to utilize the present automobile infrastructure and other tools in the best way possible. Therefore, you may make logical transport routes taking into consideration the client needs in addition to the region of delivery, the character and dimensions of their cargo.
  • Delivery preparation: This is a Separate module to benefit from your auto fleet. Here, you are able to reach the 24/7 usage of an automobile because of thorough and logical preparation of working hours of a driver.
  • Order processing: This module Ensures proactive purchase processing, timely reaction to your client, and your enhanced agility in regards to communicating with customers. The order processing module also allows you to control the way an arrangement has been fulfilled and what measures you need to make to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Issuance of Documents: This Module ensures your peace of mind because all of the consignment notes, bills, freight forwarding, along with other files are issued based on legislation and required criteria while your stream of capital are being compact.

Client database with comprehensive Information on clients and fulfilled their orders on time. Communication channels to safeguard your feedback at the most convenient means for clients.

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